Trump will help GOP retake House in 2022

The liberal mainstream media wrote Donald Trump off as dead after the 2020 election debacle. Big Tech took away his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to silence him and his voters. The elites tried to stop his message of America First, strong borders, and law and order but are failing miserably. Instead of destroying Trumpism, they’ve only made Donald Trump’s message stronger.

Republicans should take heart as 2022 approaches. They’ve locked out anti-Trumpers in Texas and are looking for large gains in 2022 and seen Joe Biden pass radical laws to change the nature of our government like DC statehood and ending the filibuster. The border is a mess without a wall. China is on the rise.

Biden is a weaker president than we expected. With his impotent leadership, America will lose on the world stage. Donald Trump’s message is going to power Republicans to massive victories in 2022.